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Lady Casa, Queen of the Ravers, Spreads EDM's PLUR Message

Lady Casa has 75,000 followers on Instagram, and largely owes her fame to it. Originally intending to be a physician's assistant, she quit her program at Nova Southeastern University in Davie and began dancing full-time at Miami clubs in 2011. The next year, following a show featuring megastar DJ Kaskade, she received a major boost when he posted to his Instagram a photo of her wearing body paint. "This girl just 1 up'd EVERYONE!!!" read the post, which received nearly 14,000 likes.

"That was really the catalyst to me being the iconic figure that I've become in the EDM community, and from that point on I took the role of raver more seriously," she says. She speaks with a bit of a Miami dialect, ending her sentences with upward inflection. "There were younger and older generations looking up to me."

Indeed, nowadays she can hardly dance at raves because she's so mobbed by her followers. Rather than idle chit-chat, she imparts to them wisdom drawn from a mish-mash of spiritual and self-help realms.

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