Lady Gaga Adds Second Miami Show, Broward Native Jason DeRulo as Tour Opener

Photo by Logan Fazio
Lady Gaga last performed locally at Revolution.
Lady Gaga's New Year's Eve show at the Knight Center is going to be one hell of a 2009 send-off. So, while tickets are available, all the good ones are long gone (what remains, basically is a bunch of side-view seats). South Florida is full of the pop diva's biggest supporters -- gays, glamazons, club kids, and so forth -- and she clearly wants to spread the love back. So she's added a second show, on Saturday, June 2, at the same downtown Miami place.

Tickets aren't any cheaper, but for a big pop star's show, they're still reasonably priced. Regular-people tickets range from $23 to $63, although at the lowest tier, at this point all that's left is, again, that dreaded side-view. For the truly obsessed, there are still plenty of "Hot Seat" ticket packages for $240 -- premium reserved seats and some other goodies -- but the "Meet and Greet" tickets are already all gone, sorry.

And to think, just a few months ago, she was playing Revolution. (Click here to check out our slideshow from that gig.)

The other piece of local-interest news related to this show is Gaga's choice of opener, Jason DeRulo, who she's upgraded to the opening slot for the entire tour.  

The 20-year-old DeRulo is a Broward native who attended Dillard High. While a student there, while working on a solo singing career, he began songwriting, selling tunes to pop stars like Cassie, Keyshia Cole, and even Pitbull. (For the latter, he penned and guested on "My Life," off the album The Boatlift).

If you listen to pop radio, though, what you know DeRulo for currently is his song "Watcha Say," which seems to play on Power 96 and Y100 approximately every 10 minutes.The song's built on a sped-up, bittersweet sample of Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek." The original song is slightly creepy, and DeRulo's song uses it in a clever, melancholy way to lace a song about break-up regrets. Here's DeRulo's single, and Imogen Heap's, below. The sampled part comes at about 2:54 in her video.

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Arielle Castillo
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