Lake Worth-It 2010 Ticket Sales Begin Friday

Lake Worth's daylong celebration of music, Lake Worth-It, has been confirmed for August 7 in the city's lovely Bryant Park, according to the newly updated website. With Of Montreal's Kevin Barnes, John Ralston & Invisible Music, the Dewars (with an a), and 18 other local acts on the bill, a $20 presale ticket is a steal. On Friday, the floodgates open and ticket sales begin here.

In addition to the music, a fine-art/indie-craft fair will be in full swing, and Swanky's Low and Slow BBQ and BX Beer Depot will sell food and refreshments.

The previously reported lineup:

In addition to a "rare performance" by Kevin Barnes, the lineup

includes John Ralston & Invisible Music, Angry Pudding, Bladesong,

Black Finger, Black Weather Shaman, the Chill Pillars, the Dewars,

Everymen, Fire Zuave, Guy Harvey, the Jameses, Jesse Baumann, Kill

Now?!, Leading the Heroes, the People Upstairs, the Ridicules, Spred the

Dub, Wayside Flyer, Yellow #6, and Zombies! Organize!!

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Reed Fischer
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