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Lake Worth-It Tickets Now Only $10; Afterparty Lineups Announced

Yes, it's a bummer that Kevin Barnes is not performing as part of the Lake Worth-It festivities on August 7 at Bryant Park. Things change, and

we're rolling with it. So, in the spirit of what's best for the scene, organizer Cecil Lunsford confirms that the festival tickets are now only $10 -- provided you purchase them directly from a member of one of the participating bands. Additionally, purchase of the $10 ticket grants free admission to six afterparties in downtown Lake Worth (full details below).

To purchase a $10 ticket, get personal (perhaps via Facebook or by attending a concert) with the act of your choice, including: John Ralston & Invisible Music, Black Weather Shaman,

Black Finger, the Jameses, Guy Harvey, Jesse Baumann, the Dewars,

Everymen, Kill Now?!, Sweet Bronco, Yellow #6, Bladesong, the People

Upstairs, Angry Pudding, Sweet Chariot, Leading the Heroes, the Ridicules, Blond Fuzz, the Hard Richards, and Wayside Flyer.

If touching things that were once in the hands of Sweet Bronco's Chris Horgan isn't lure enough, attendees can buy tickets via the website for $15 or for $20 at the gate. If you have already purchased a ticket at the higher rate, then contact [email protected] for an adjustment (and possibly a new buddy). A full rundown of the Lake Worth-It afterparties follows.

Each afterparty runs from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Free admission at each with a Lake Worth-It wristband, $10 without a wristband.

Havana Hideout
Jamie Rasso, Mike Mineo, Jesse Baumann, Loose-Leaf Articles

South Shores Tavern
Boise Bob, Wayside Flyer, Kevin Popejoy

Little Munich
Sweet Chariot, Blond Fuzz, Belt Buckle Death Sentence, Clockouts

Sweet Bronco, Hear Hums, Lavola, Luna Rex

Kava Sutra
Sumsun, MillionYoung

Brogues on the Avenue
Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew, Bladesong, Thunderbeast, Fall of Olympus

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