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Lake Worth's Yellow #6 Releases Demo and Plays Kismet Vintage This Sunday

Lake Worth band Yellow #6 has been around since 2009, playing, according to member Tom Beals, "Without microphones, in garages and living rooms, mostly. With microphones, at Propaganda, Respects, Speakeasy, Snooze Theatre (soon), Turnpike stops." They just released a demo, which he says took a lot of tweaking to "get the right level of cinderblock-garage-ambiance." It's one you'll shamelessly play on repeat for hours, maybe even days (listen after the jump). 

The demo follows up last year's 7 Song EP. Beals says that this release offers a different methodology, "The last one was more Gary Stewart, whereas this one is more Xenakis." 

Though they record often, much of the product of their sessions, he says, "might be considered ambience," made digitally, with cassette tapes, and wire recorders. "We are considering releasing a bunch of tracks made with only PVC pipe and guitar pedals." 

Besides Beals, formerly of Sex Me Animal who he claims, he "has always had a thing for colors and for imaginary friends," the band includes Armand Ignelzi, an architect who played in Black Weather Shaman. In 2011, drummer Robert Chaney joined the group via Craigslist. They say about Chaney, "whack-a-mole was one of his childhood talents. He once got enough tickets for the big stuffed gorilla." 
Beals says that at first, "We used to play strictly stuff like Gary Stewart covers and then got heavy into Iannis Xenakis and algorithmic composition, and we kind of bounce around between those two universes." 

This Sunday, they'll be performing with Black Seal at Kismet Vintage. Beals gave reasons we should attend the show: "First of all, because Aly and Liam are doing an awesome thing out in Delray with Kismet and we are proud to be a part of it, and also because it's our first show with Black Seal and they're stand up fellows." He finishes, "Finally, if for no other reason than to see a flawless Yellow #6 show. We usually break stuff but this time the moon is in Taurus, so it's bound to go without a hitch and be beautiful. We will see you there." 

Black Seal and Yellow #6. Sunday, March 25 at Kismet Recycled Vintage and Designer Clothing. 157 NE Second Avenue, Delray Beach. From 7 to 10 p.m. 

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