Lakeland Indie Band Copeland Reunited Thanks to an "Outpouring of Support"

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Marsh recorded and produced the album at his studio in Lakeland. "Some guys in the band came up with the side band, States," Marsh explained about the reunion. "They noticed an outpouring of support and a demand for another Copeland album. There was some clearing in my schedule, and we started talking about making a Copeland record... I always wanted to start another record but was busy with other stuff. It all didn't work out till now."

More specifically, Copeland members discovered that the public wanted more of them because of a Kickstarter campaign geared to support a States album. Fans elucidated what they wanted from the four musicians. "I would see people on Twitter and Facebook kind of lamenting about Copeland breaking up, but I had no idea how many people were out there really wanting [a reunion]," Marsh said. "The first time we realized it was when States succeeded in its Kickstarter goal. We thought, 'If this many people liked States, people would like Copeland.' Sort of like, 'If people think the States album was awesome, why not Copeland?' "

In terms of what differentiated the sixth and newest album from the others, he says time and experience were determining factors. "In the past, we would make a record and tour and then make another record," explained Marsh. "For this one, we made a record, toured, took five years off, and did other side records. I owned a studio in Lakeland, and Stephen [Laurenson, rhythm guitarist] and Bryan [Laurenson, lead guitarist] also mix and produce on the side. We got all that benefit and growth from making those records. We learned a bunch of stuff from making other records. When we reconvened, we had a great batch of experiences to pull from."

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