Langerado Music Festival's Sketchy Ticket Refund Policy

The now-canceled Langerado Music Festival's ticket refund system is proving to be just as aggravating as the rest of the event. County Grind contributor Adam Smith posted on his blog today that he's being rewarded for his early faith in the fest with mixed messages regarding when he'll get his money back.

After purchasing early-bird tickets more than three months ago (before the full lineup was announced), Smith writes that he could be waiting weeks after the cancellation to get his credit card purchase refunded.

The day after the cancellation was announced, Smith received an initial note from Boros Entertainment's ticket outlet, Front Gate Solutions:


The Langarado Music Festival has been canceled.

Your order will be fully refunded, you will see the credit within 48-72hours.      

Front Gate Tickets
A full 72 hours later, no money had been posted to his account, and a follow-up came later this week:
Dear Langarado Music Festival Customer,      

Your Langarado tickets were purchased as Early Bird passes in March of this year. Since the transaction was made over 90 days ago, a credit card refund is not available, so a refund check has been cut to be mailed to you.    

Checks were cut yesterday and will go out in today's mail. You should receive your refund check in about 5-7 business days, they are being mailed from Austin, TX.    

If you do not receive your check or have any questions, please contact me.      

Greg Johnson Front Gate Tickets    
-- Greg Johnson Front Gate Tickets
Aside from the fact that both of these messages misspell Langerado as "Langarado," this approach does not bode well for anyone involved. Not only does it risk money getting lost in the mail but it raises the question of whether these checks will cash once they arrive. We'll be following up with Smith to see if/when he gets his money back.

Calls to Johnson were not returned before this article was published.

Please let us know in the comments section if you are waiting on a Langerado ticket refund or have already received one.

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