Laser Wolf Opens in Downtown Fort Lauderdale With House-Party Vibe

Over the course of the past year, brothers Jordan and Chris Bellus and Pat Rothblatt have worked hard to bring life into the sharp-pointed corner building located in Fort Lauderdale's Progresso Village neighborhood. On Friday night, South Florida locals gathered at the opening of the trio's creation, Laser Wolf.

The bar's huge glass windows revealed a packed crowd inside, '90s hip-hop favorites filled the air, and the Munchie One truck set up in the parking lot. Basically, the Bellus brothers behind the bar were throwing the best house party ever, and from what I can tell, that's

pretty much the vibe that is going to continue.

Compared to what most of the downtown area bars have to offer, Laser

Wolf is very different. There isn't a smoky scent, fist-pumping shore types are nowhere to be seen, and the beer selection is far grander than just the typical $2 PBRs. Instead, over a dozen

different types of rotating craft brews are listed on a chalkboard -- as well as wine and sake. The coolest part of all? Goldfish crackers for hungry patrons. And who

doesn't like those salty, cheesy snacks after a few drinks? On

opening night, I'm pretty sure I consumed a few bags' worth. In addition to the interior perks, the outdoor atrium area is filled with tables perfect for the smokers and for those who want to escape the packed crowd. 

After spending a few nights at Laser Wolf, it's safe to say this bar is going to quickly become a favorite local hangout. Its neighborhood feel is emphasized by the long, hand-crafted bar, the murals painted by friends, and, naturally, the Bellus brothers behind the bar serving drinks to the customers in the place that they brought to life.

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Betsey Denberg