Last Minute Heads Up: Free Show by the Hongs and Datamouth Tonight at AE District

​What are you doing from 8 to 10 p.m. tonight? If you're on Miami time, probably nothing -- so if you're in the central part of the city, be a good freeloader and head to AE District Gallery, 3852 N. Miami Ave.

No really, although this announcement is last minute on our part, this sounds like a fun event. The main event is a live performance by the Hongs, celebrating the band's recent CD release party. I discovered them for the first time a year ago when they entered the Museum of Contemporary Art's battle of the bands.

Back then, I described them as "possible dark horse, ... [playing a] muted, my-emotions-are-killing-me jangle-pop of a dreamy variety rarely heard in these parts. Maybe it's helped along by that particularly Gallic stoicism, for half of this band seems to hail from France. Songs such as "On Ice" are the perfect antidote to those Sunday-morning bouts of existential angst, and let's hope they'll play live more often."

The dark horse part was right -- the Hongs did win one of those battles, and lately, it seems their name is coming up, slowly, more and more. Check them out now before you'll have to pack into a sweaty hipster club to do so.  Also, there's a "Brugal rum bar" tonight -- you know what to do.

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Arielle Castillo
Contact: Arielle Castillo