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Last Night: Baby Anne at Studio A


Baby Anne

Studio A

August 25, 2007

Better Than: Paying $80 to watch break-beat sessions at Ultra Music Festival.

The Review:

Florida’s own legendary bass queen, DJ Baby Anne, headlined the Clash of the Titans electro breaks session at Studio A on Saturday August 25th along with Darling Nikki, vocalist of Chakra Blue. After working as a performer for over a decade, I doubt there is anyone in the electro scene who hasn’t witnessed Baby Anne in all her bass-line glory. Regardless, she still has the ability to gather up the masses into trance like states while generating a larger fan-bass of slaves to her masterful beats. In fact, many of the people who lingered on the outskirts of the club seemed new to Baby Anne and her type of music, but they still welcomed it enthusiastically, which can only be proof of the ever growing expansion of the electro/breaks scene, and its permanent stamp as the sound of Florida.

Culture productions, which have been known for throwing the best dance music parties for years, were responsible for this particular party, along with contagious music (one of the production companies involved with the recent Rock the Bells event), Fragile Recordings (the digital download record label), and Dlusional productions.

At about 1am, Darling Nikki ran onstage in all her energetic bubbly-ness to introduce the queen of bass as well as to perform a few of her own songs. At first I was more concerned with the concentrated stench of Marijuana floating around me, but then it became difficult to focus on anything other than Nikki. Her intense persona exemplified the music being mixed by Baby Anne and created a more stimulating atmosphere than is felt when there is simply 1 person spinning onstage. Although Baby Anne’s music itself is enough to create a lively setting, visual stimulation is always a plus. The crowd became especially passionate as they watched Nikki dance around on stage to the song “Nasty,” which you can find as mixed by D-Lerium and Faze, on Nikki’s Myspace ( --Lucy Orozco

Critics Notebook

Personal Bias: If you don’t know how to break dance, you should never begin to practice it drunkenly in a public setting. Alcohol does not give you superior dancing abilities!

Random Detail: Trying to find a parking space in downtown Miami is an endless mission, so if you want to get a good spot, get there early, and remember to tip the bums. They will otherwise break into your car.

By the Way: Baby Anne’s new CD Past Present Future is in stores now and ready for you to purchase, rather than download on Lime-Wire.

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