Love to see the peeps comin' together
Love to see the peeps comin' together
Travis Newbill

Last Night: Dialect at Brew Urban Cafe

Dialect, a monthly event put on by the Twilight Notes DJ crew at Brew Urban Cafe, could hang with events of its kind down in Miami. But in downtown Fort Lauderdale -- where in most bars the best art on display are the labels on vodka bottles -- it really stands out as something special. And further, it gives hope that a cohesive scene is coming together.

Thursday was the first Dialect of the new year, and if it was any indication of things to come in 2011, we're in for a good strong year of collaboration and good vibes. For this month's event, Twilight Notes teamed up with a couple of Fort Lauderdale's other cultural superpowers, Freedom Art and Radio-Active Records -- Freedom Art's Jose Lopez curated the show, and Radio-Active's Richard Vergez was a special guest DJ. The result was a strong coming together of various regions of the Lauderdale art world. The crowd was large and enthused; a mingling mass of goodness which flowed from the small, artsy coffee shop with their wine and craft beer, out into the street. County Grind had a good time taking it all in. 


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