Last Night: Dialect at Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale (Photos)

​The front patio of the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale was alive with colorful motion on Thursday night in the form of bodies, sounds, and projected visuals. The second Dialect event to be held at the location -- a collaborative effort between Twilight Notes and All Together Now -- had "Movement" as its theme. 

For a few hours before the party moved down the road to Yolo, Miami DJ crew Oceans Deep spun Afro and Latin house grooves as some very skilled dancers blew minds with their fancy steps and video artists displayed work on all the surrounding walls.

At one point in the night, the motion confronted one of its main

adversaries: adhesive. During this centerpiece of the show, performance

artist Luke Jenkins lead a brigade of white costumed, happy faced people

in a strange dance which involved lots of masking tape. The group

twirled around, beneath, and over itself again and again until the whole

unit was a ball of taped up bodies on the ground.

As a whole, the event had a very cool and cohesive vibe. Folks

enjoyed conversation and libations in between periods of being

completely mesmerized by the music, dancers, video, or combination of

all of the above.


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