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Last Night: DJ Zinc and MC Sharpness at Studio A


MC Sharpness

Better than:Seeing pretty colors after smashing your head on a rock.

The review:

The drum and bass party on Saturday, wasn’t one of Studio A’s better nights. After stumbling in to use some drink tickets that I was oh so generously given, it took me about ten minutes to realize that the party wasn’t going anywhere. The highlight of the night was watching three people dance, while the other twenty people on the dance floor stumbled around to produce a series of arm gestures and drunken boogaloos hat could only have seemed acceptable in their inebriated minds.

The music however was fairly enjoyable. The artists included DJ Zinc with MC Sharpness. It was the usual drum and bass set where the DJ spins an assortment of rapidly mixed bass while the MC shouts out some fast paced words that no one can really understand, except for when he makes reference to the DJ. Yet for some reason no one could help but like it.

Therefore, can you really blame anyone for wanting to flail around at the risk of looking like an idiot? Yes, you can and you should. --Lucy Orozco

Critics Notebook

Personal Bias: The only reason why the party was a bust might have been due to a lack of proper promotion and organization.

Random Detail: On June 29th, Studio A is actually having a highly anticipated fetish party thrown by the same people that throw the Kitchen party at Soho Lounge. I was actually supposed to go to the Kitchen that night and am still wishing that I would have.

By the way: The doorman did say that it was a last minute party thrown together by culture productions. Note: Last minute parties do not always work out very well

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