Last Night: Flaunt DJs in Drag (Photos)

Last night, resident Flaunt DJs Sean Murphy, JJ Richters, and Oz del Castillo performed in drag  at The Lounge, the 500 block of Clematis Street's favorite gay bar in West Palm Beach. The events, reminiscent of a scene from To Wong Foo, were...colorful, to say the least.

The entire scheme unfolded when the trio were on Rodney Mayo's

company vacation, a weekend-long retreat to the Keys. After a long day

of drinking, they found themselves in one of the many gay bars that the

Florida Keys are known for. They must have had a great time, because

they were so taken with the experience that they decided to start doing

them semi-regularly.

Sean Murphy Kicked off the evening with a sultry performance to Fiona Apple's sexy 90's hit "Criminal."

Going the route of goth-girl, his knee-high boots and fishnets prompted his audience to interact with his dance, copping a feel whenever possible.

Next up was Symbols frontman and flaunt DJ JJ Richters, better known by his performance moniker "JJ Contramus." He opted for the classic 90's schoolgirl look. His choice of music was appropriate, dancing to Jill Souble's "Supermodel," which was most notably featured on the Clueless soundtrack.

His short plaid skirt and tasseled thong left little to the imagination, which may not exactly be a good thing, or a bad thing for that matter.

Third in the evening's lineup was Oz Del Castillo, who really went the extra mile with his outfit. he modeled his look after the queen of the breast cones herself, Madonna. Oz went out of his way to construct his laced corset himself, which was uproariously funny to watch him writhe around in. Drawing attention to his garishly hairy chest, he also fastened a set of matching breast cones to his garment, emulating the well known dance steps to his performance of "Vogue."

Sean and JJ could not keep their hands to themselves during his performance, which is understandable.

JJ was called to do an encore. Fitting with his getup, he chose to do a second dance to Brittney Spears' "Hit Me Baby One More Time."

Women in the audience could hardly contain themselves.

The three finished the evening with an ensemble performance of Sister Sledge's "We Are Family."

The clothing did not stay on for long, but who can blame them?

If you've ever wondered what a shitshow looks like, look no further.

Thanks for everything Flaunt DJs!

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Ryan Burk