Last Night: Fusik at Culture Room, Saturday, June 26

With Ketchy Shuby
Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale
Saturday, June 26, 2010

TopSpot USA's

Sean Russell, a local music industry player and subject of a recent New Times Broward-Palm Beach profile,

tracks down the latest news and adds insight from the front row of

local concerts. On Saturday, Russell attended the CD Release Concert at

Culture Room featuring South Florida act Fusik.

Mention the name Fusik in the South Florida music community and you

will be treated to several blank stares. This is not a testament to

their music or inability to draw a crowd. Having toured overseas with

many songs featured as the soundtrack to b-boy battles in places as far

as Japan, Fusik is quickly finding its audience in the U.S. While the

word fusion accurately describes their music, which combines

rock, hip-hop, jazz, funk and soul, it also describes the culture that

they brought to their June 26th performance at the Culture Room. The

night also featured opening act, Ketchy Shuby, as well as a b-boy breaking dancing competition.

Fusik's Set: After 45 minutes of scintillating head spins,

flips and floor

glides, Fusik finally took the stage. They looked like a close knit

group of friends that picked up instruments

and decided to jam. It's also clear to see their fondness for '70s jazz,

soul and funk music, with several of their songs paying homage to

Jimi Hendrix, James Brown and other highly influential musicians. A

nice surprise that complimented their Blues Brothers-inspired ensemble.

Fusik is comprised of five members, all hailing from Miami and Fort

Lauderdale. Guitarist Sanchez and bassist Mack both traded instruments

in the middle of

the set, showing

the unique versatility of the band. The percussionist, Nonms, showed-off

his b-boying skills during one song, while Chip the keyboardist

displayed an

impressive musical proficiency as he simultaneously played three

boards. Felix their drummer served as the composer for the night, much

like he does behind the scenes, according to Hellbent owner and Culture

Room production manager, Ash Ali.

Assessment: Fusik's performance wasn't completely met with the undivided


of their audience. While some spectators watched the band the entire


others focused their attention on the shadow b-boy battle that loomed

in the darkness. Still others drank and socialized, adding further to

the feel that this was a lounge performance. The yawns stretched across

the audience as their performance crawled past midnight. Due to the

instrumental nature of the music, a shorter set might have been a

better choice.

The band put together this CD release concert with the help of Hellbent

Productions, BBOY

Spot, The Culture Room and Biggest & Baddest

clothing. They even offered copies of their new album Hot Skillet with


purchase of each ticket.

-- Sean Russell,

Contact him at [email protected]

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