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Last Night: Kid Sister and Flosstradamus at LIV

Justin Namon
Kid Sister took control over LIV's Wednesday night party Dirty Hairy. Click here to view the full slide show.
Kid Sister and Flosstradamus
Wednesday, February 26, 2009
LIV at the Fontainebleau, Miami Beach

Better than: Getting your toes done up.

When I got the invite for LIV's newest party, Dirty Hairy, I was sort of skeptical that it was actually going to happen. I mean, the party's whole concept is better suited for downtown. The only problem being, with Studio A closed, the concept doesn't really have a downtown venue big enough to host it. While the party doesn't take itself too seriously, it definitely prides itself in being over the top. And what better way to push the party over the edge than getting Chicago natives Kid Sister and Flosstradamus to perform?

I've actually seen Flosstradamus multiple times, last time being at the Fifth when they opened for Chromeo. The duo prides itself in keeping its end of the bargain by making sure you party hard. They tip-toe the fine line between mildly cheesy and pure genius, mixing perhaps the worst, yet catchy, hip-hop has to offer (think Juvenile's "Back That Ass Up") with the electro-house hits those darn hipster kids can't get enough of.

But as much as I enjoy Flossy, I was there specifically to see Kid

Sister. The 28-year-old has actually stopped in Miami several times,

but it seems like every time she did I was never able to make it. So I

was determined to not miss her performance.

Was I disappointed? No. But it wasn't exactly a performance that floored

me either. But Kid Sister's song repertoire has never really packed a

punch. Records like "Control" and "Pro Nails" are really just about one

thing: Having fun. And you either do or you don't. And I definitely did.

I had previously heard that Kid Sister was not a strong live performer,

but obviously years on the road have done her well -- her vocals were

strong (although, I think a backtrack aided her several times) and she

definitely engaged and bantered with the audience. She performed her

aforementioned hipster-hop hits along with new tracks like "Family

Reunion" and "Get Fresh," which will be included in her much delayed

debut Dream Date.

Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias: Anybody who covers 2 Live Crew's "Hoochie Mama" is good in my book.

Random Detail: LIV's dome ceiling lights up like a Pink Floyd laser light show. In other words, it was awesome!

By the Way: Next week, Diplo and Chromeo's Dave 1 hit the decks at the Wednesday night party.

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