Last Night: Lil' Blaze and Yungen at Cameo

Last Night: G Records Presents Lil’ Blaze & Yungen

Monday, October 29, 2007

Vice at the Cameo, Miami Beach

Better Than: Watching reruns of I Love New York 2 on VH1.

OK … so maybe it’s not as good as watching Tailor Made get his ass beat by Midget Mac and Mr. Wise (oh, you know who I’m talking about!) but reality-tv had nothing on last night’s soiree.

For one thing, the Cameo was looking mighty packed for a Monday. I mean, really? For a club promoter to pull off a Monday night event on South Beach is like George Bush opening up a gay bar in East Compton. In another words: not a good idea. However, last night’s party was surprisingly well attended. Was it due to the much talked-about up-and-comers Lil’ Blaze and Yungen, both Wynwood bad boys gone good, ready to take on the hip-hop game? Or was it in part due to the fact that the PR agency for the night’s event, Creativas Group, busted their asses in promoting the be-jesus out of this event? [Big Ups to Liza Santana for the 13th or so e-vites sent to my inbox --- way to work those emails, girlfriend!] Or, maybe it had something to do with Ciara being there.

Oh yes, did I forget to mention that last night was an impromptu 22nd birthday bash for R&B popstar Aaliyah … uh, wait, I mean, Ciara? In fact, when speaking with the party’s promoter, SMAC Entertainment, the night’s shindig is an on-going affair celebrating the most dreaded day of the week – Mondays – with the oxymoronic party name entitled “Dirty Sexy Mondays”. There is nothing dirty nor sexy about waking up early on a Tuesday morning to get your hung-over ass to work. Either or – “Dirty Sexy Mondays” paid big paper to bring Ms. Ciara down so she can say Hello to her Miami fans, sign some autographs, do couple shout-outs on the mic and bounce.

But enough about Ciara … tonight was all about one thing … well, two things … Lil’ Blaze and Yungen. Both dudes are the prized hip-hop artists that will set off Miami’s own G Records. Headed by Ata Gonzalez, Humberto Torres and Giovanni Arana, these three Cuban-Miamians are, in their own words, “Ready to take over.” Part of their larger enterprise, The G Inc., G Records is their music division in hopes of breaking into the hip-hop industry. From the looks of the night’s attendees, they’re not far from it. Having folks like Pitbull, Diaz Brothers and newly-minted Miami R&B crooner Casely all at the event showing their support, it was obvious that something was brewing in the 305’s urban music scene. What is to be this concoction, who knows but so far, it’s looking mighty tasty.

Unfortunately, no live performances from Lil’ Blaze and Yungen due to “conflict of interest” between their camp and Ciara’s people. Didn’t matter, the folks in the VIP area were having the time of their lives. It was as if they all won a BET award for “Best Album of the Year”. The energy was high, the champagne glasses were raised and when that DJ dropped an old Bobby Brown classic, it was over! All anyone had to say was … “Ciara who?” -- Esther Park

Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias: Was not much of a fan of the 99cent Party City Halloween decorations that were strung up like loose cannons on the club’s ceilings. A cheap-ass broke-down zombie hanging on the stripper pole is worst than Britney Spears hanging on the stripper pole. In another words, tacky.

Random Detail: Free samples of Sprincbac, a new “energy drink” that’s suppose to help you rejuvenate your body after heavy alcohol consumption, were being handed left and right to the night’s crowd. The drink was a mixture of corn syrup, seltzer water and urine. I guess it tastes great when you’re drunk.

By the way: Casely, who did a record with Lil’ Blaze, was beyond ecstatic to be at the night’s event. Why? Cos the dude just got signed to a major recording deal with Epic Records this week! Damn right, I’d be ecstatic as hell too! Happy Happy Joy Joy! Good luck, Casely!

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