Last Phone Booth at Respectable Street on Friday

"Hi fi never sounded so lo fi" -- this is the tagline on Last Phone Booth's MySpace. That tagline is a requisite space to be filled, but if we are speaking literally, it ought to be reversed; Last Phone Booth sounds pretty hi-fi for a band with such lo-fi influences. By hi-fi, we mean: bright, crisp, and a lot like the real deal; the group is little-known now, but this will (hopefully) be temporary. Last Phone Booth is all twangy vocals, soft and shoegazey guitars, surprising moments of ambiance, and something simultaneously nostalgic for Low and Built to Spill.

It's playing -- according to the band's blog -- "a solid hour of music" at Respectable Street this Friday, and given the range and beauty of its songs, you're unlikely to get bored ("Come out for the music, stay for the lobotomy," they insist). We'll post more information about the event as the date gets closer but, until then, head to their official site to download tracks from their first release, Something You Can't Count On.  (Hint: "Sliptron" is one of the best.)

Last Phone Booth. 9 p.m. Friday, June 25. Free for 21 and up, $5 for 18-21.  Respectable Street, 518 Clematis St., West Palm Beach.  Call 561-832-9999, or visit

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