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Latin Music's Stars Head To Miami For Premio Lo Nuestro

Fans of Latin music, the time has come once again for artists and industry folk alike to descend upon the city for a whirlwind of performances, parties, glitz, glamor, bling, and enough media ops to get ravenous media whores Heidi and Spencer drooling like Lindsay Lohan in the Miami-Dade evidence room (damn...that was a twofer!). But let me backtrack.  Why all the hubbub, you may ask?  Because it's award show time, of course. Premio Lo Nuestro, to be exact.

Which one is that?  

Well, since you asked, it's Univision's award show.  

Again, which one?  

Um, the one where they invite all kinds of artists.  There are performances.  Winners are picked...

By charts?

No.  That's Billboard.



people can go online and vote there at  Uh, but voting

is already closed.  I'm not really sure exactly from when to when

voting is open but the point is--

They pull winners out of a hat, don't they?


Yes, I believe they probably do.  In any event, there's a big show

taking place at the Bank United Center on March 26th where a few awards

will be presented, fans will undoubtedly scratch their heads at some of

the winners and a ton of performers will take the stage, including Wisin y Yandel, Enrique Iglesias, Reik, Flex and Alejandra Guzman

Afterwards, head to Bongos, where you can catch your favorite artists

partying it up Miami-style...unless a bouncer with no neck crushes you

just beyond the velvet ropes.  In which case, I suggested nothing.

P.S.  If anybody from Univision happens to read this, why in the HELL did you guys schedule this for the same week as WMC???


Lo Nuestro takes place at the Bank United Center in UM (1245 Dauer Dr.,

University Of Miami, FL, 33146) on Thursday, March 26th at 8pm.  Tickets start at $55.

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Christopher Lopez