Lavola Hosts Cans and Bands to Raise Money for Palm Beach County Food Bank

Rock musicians. They usually have big hair, tight jeans, an insatiable appetite for yayo and even bigger-haired sexual companions. Well, that's the image of the narcissistic, power-hungry wannabe rock god many of us have in our heads. But we hate stereotypes around here. That's why when we saw that West Palm-based rockers Lavola are trying to score food for the hungry and not drugs for the nose with Cans and Bands, we rubbed our hands together in pleasure.

Frontman Julian Cires is the mastermind behind this Thanksgiving Day-friendly affair. The $5 cover charge or the three canned food items you bring in will benefit the Palm Beach County Food Bank.

It's a nonprofit that collects and distributes food to agencies who then provide families in need with sustenance. "The more people that come help out, the better," Cires says. "I wanted to put my efforts behind something proactive. With the holidays around the corner, it highly seemed appropriate." And it is.

He thinks the performing acts and the Lake Worth Propaganda location will lure fans in to donate. "Every band on the bill, there's a reason for them. It's not just because they're from the area, but because they're friends of ours, and they're good people. They're not getting paid for this gig, they just want to help out."

He gave the scoop on each act. Cires called the Goddamn' Hustle, "one of my favorite bands playing in the Broward-Palm Beach area." A former Lavola drummer is playing the first show with his group Jeff Rose Band. Cires says, "That's going to be a cool one." Raggy Monster's guitarist Billy Raggy was in school with Cires at FAU. This WPB indie act was the first group he asked. Scarecrow Jenkins is also on the bill. "When I first started going out to local shows," Cires explains, "the first band I saw was Viva Le Vox, which he played bass for. He's a scary dude at first to see performing, he has a very intense persona. But I think that's what I love about him."

Finally, Lavola rounds out the night. They've been in the process of mixing their newest recording. "It sounds way more aggressive and way more experimental than our previous record," he reveals. And Cires is also busy working with Astrea Corporation on their upcoming release. Cires concludes, "We just want to make a difference in the families and children's lives who are facing hunger." Happy holidays indeed.

Cans and Bands. Lavola, the Goddman' Hustle, Raggy Monster, and others. 8 p.m., Friday, November 22, at Propaganda, 6 S. J St., Lake Worth. Entrance is $5 or three cans of food to be donated to Palm Beach County Food Bank. Ages 18 and older. Call 561-547-7273, or visit

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