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Lavola Leaks "Woman Gives Birth to Chair," Rocks Propaganda Tonight

West Palm's balls-out rock champs Lavola, subject of a lengthy treatise in this week's print edition by Alex Rendon, will demolish Propaganda's stage this very evening. The cause for celebration is a new EP, titled Leaving Paris, released tonight.

For those needing additional magnetism to draw to the event, Rendon argues:
"Throughout the EP, Cires' searing, Thom Yorke-inspired

(by his own admission) vocals and jarring fretwork will jump out at

listeners. On opening track "The Queen Is Dead," he shifts seamlessly

from scathing howls to soothing, dulcet tones to earsplitting falsettos

in the span of four minutes. Add Weinthal (an ex-Mars Volta drummer Jon Theodore devotee) vigorously bashing the snares and Hanser's limber bass work and it's colossal."

Good stuff. For a fresh taste of what sort of stage carnage awaits you this evening, listen to a rough mix of "Woman Gives Birth to Chair" recorded by Propaganda's sound guru Justin Thompson during a recent rehearsal.

Lavola Band Practice by Audio-Justice

Shredding commences at 2:12. Pretty sure singer Julian Cires is repeating "it's a miracle" at about the two-minute mark. Agreed.

Lavola EP-Release Show, with the Astrea Corporation, the Howling Winds,

and Filthy Animals. 9 p.m. Friday, February 11, at Propaganda, 6 S. J

St., Lake Worth. Call 561-547-7273, or click here.

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