Lavola Release New Video for "The Queen Is Dead"; Announce Upcoming Album

Your average, savvy show-goer may have noticed that West Palm rockers Lavola have been hitting the local scene hard for years. Playing up and down the Sunshine State, lead singer Julian Cires and crew have left a blazing trail of new, passionate fans in their path and their heart on the stage at plenty of rambunctious rock shows.

This past Tuesday, August 12, Lavola released their brand new music video for "The Queen is Dead." A perfect homage to their time in the limelight, the video is a compilation of live performances dating back to 2011.

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- Best Local Album - Lavola, Leaving Paris

Not just a testament to their live performances, but also to the stellar venues South Florida has to offer, the video features footage of Cires straight owning the mic on a number of stages including at the Culture Room and Propaganda. And to really show local music supporting itself, all of the editing was done by Jota Dazza, bassist of the now disbanded Radioboxer. RIP.

With lyrics like "I'm wide awake, but my eyes are so tired. How do you speak when your tongue's on fire?" it's a song you need to listen to all the way through with your head banging till it hurts. The video deserves the same treatment.

So why this video? Why now? Cires says, "To me, this video release feels like an appropriate closing of the Leaving Paris chapter and the start of something new." That means Lavola fans should prep their eager earholes for upcoming endeavors. "There is a new album on the way, which I'm extremely proud and excited about."

Already past the 2,000 views mark in just three days, "The Queen Is Dead" is following in the path of "Vereen." Now with a new lineup, featuring Emily Dwyer as co-vocalist/violinist, Matt Cabera on Drums, and Paul Defilippe on bass, Cires is stoked to share another music baby with the world.

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