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Lavola's Favorite Nine Inch Nails Songs for Black Friday NIN Cover Show at Green Room

In a pre-Marilyn Manson world, Nine Inch Nails was for many their first foray into industrial music and, by extension, gothic music. Though previously the sound was the territory of then-lesser-known acts such Ministry, Skinny Puppy, and Nitzer Ebb whose raw, searing, and at times frenetic brand of industrial music burned up the PA at Miami's Kitchen Club but found limited exposure on MTV and commercial radio. Once 1994's visceral The Downward Spiral hit the mainstream, acts like Marilyn Manson, Stabbing Westward, and Filter followed suit. 

This Friday, the long-running goth and industrial soirée Black Friday at Fort Lauderdale's Green Room pays tribute to Nine Inch Nails with performances by electronic act the Craven, fronted by tirelessly prolific local musician and noted Tall Fellow Timb, and West Palm's Lavola, who will be performing some NIN covers in addition to their original material. 

Though Lavola's polished, progressive sound falls outside the periphery of industrial music, lead vocalist, guitarist, and longtime Nails fan Julian Cires says, "Our sound isn't industrial, but we harbor an abrasive sonic quality that in a sense parallels the sonic assault of Nine Inch Nails. Moreover, Trent Reznor has always been a huge influence on me as a songwriter and as a vocalist. I scream my heart out onstage, which I attribute to growing up with Nine Inch Nails."

Thus, we asked the members of Lavola to list their favorite Nine Inch Nails songs, and to help you get into the spirit of NIN covers, enjoy Devo's interpretation of "Head Like a Hole" from the soundtrack to the 1996 Jackie Chan film Supercop. Read on. 

For your pleasure. And on to the favorites...

Julian Cires' (Vocals, Guitar) Top 5

1. The Fragile

2. We're in This Together

3. Somewhat Damaged

4. Hurt

5. The Persistence of Loss

Lavola Bassist Gene Pandolfi's Top 5

1. The Perfect Drug ("It's in a Lynch movie; that's all you need," he says.)

2. Closer

3. Hurt

4. The NIN cover of Adam and the Ants "Physical"

5. NIN's cover of "Scary Monsters" by David Bowie
Drummer Jeff Rose's Top 5

(See above)
1. The Perfect Drug

2-5: Reznor's soundtrack work for The Social Network

Useless trivia:
-- Trent Reznor's relatives founded the Reznor Company, a Mercer, Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of commercial- and industrial-grade heating systems in 1888.

-- Supercop had a soundtrack.

NIN Tribute at Black Friday, 10 p.m. tonight, May 11, at Green Room, 109 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale. There's no cover, two-for-one drinks before midnight, and it's 21 and older. 

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