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Le Spam Spins an All Vinyl Funk Set Tomorrow at Electric Pickle

Cleaveland Jones
le Spam at Suenalo release party
Andrew Yeomanson a.k.a. DJ le Spam has one of the sickest vinyl collections in the swamp state.  Anyone who has been to his record sales or has seen him digging in the crates, knows that the man is a walking, talking, scratching, selecting, cutting Florida-based wax Smithsonian.  The scope is immense and this Wednesday we are treated to a funk edition of vinyl only over at the old Circa a.k.a. The Electric Pickle, at the club's new weekly party, Champion Sound. 

Whoever put this guy up to this deserves a little appreciation for pulling him away from his All-Star group, if just for a night.  Hopefully this will be a somewhat regular occurrence as Spam is the real meat.  Get schooled in the dirty grooves.  Email this address for free admission [email protected].  Do your job, mf.  

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