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Le Tigre

The birth of feminist electro-punk was midwifed by three ladies: JD Samson, Johanna Fateman, and Kathleen Hanna, better-known as Le Tigre. And Hanna was one of the mothers of the early '90s Riot Grrl movement, giving a middle finger to the establishment as the front woman of Bikini Kill. That's a prestigious lineage to be a part of and one that has created the soundtrack for the past ten years of the feminist revolution.

Le Tigre's October release, This Island, continues the ladies' tradition of pop roller-rink jams peppered with queer politics and antiwar rhetoric. But Le Tigre promises more than just pissed-off rants, as witnessed on Island's first song, "On the Verge": "So get your bags packed now and I'll meet you on the outside/X-out all self-supervision/Get your keys out now; start the ignition/We're on the verge of... all right." They want you on the edge of your seat for this revolution, because it will be amplified. Before they start their U.S. tour next month, the ladies make their way to Miami for a DJ set. -- Audra Schroeder

Check out Le Tigre's DJ set at 10 p.m. Friday, September 10, at Soho Lounge, 175 NE 36th St., Miami. Call 305-576-1988.

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