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Least Active Member of the Gun Hoes, Drummer Anthony Hernandez, Talks YOLO and Tons of Shit

Editor's note: YOLO here doesn't refer to the restaurant YOLO, rather to the idea of "You Only Live Once" as a trending topic on the interwebs. 

We approached the Gun Hoes about chatting with us on life, love, and music. Instead, they wanted to write up something about this YOLO thing. The Hollywood act is performing this weekend at Green Room for the County Grind Live showcase; thus, we thought you might want to get to know them better. Turns out, according to drummer Anthony Hernandez, the band is made up of pretty questionable characters! YOLO our asses. These guys are living some sort of deranged rock 'n' roll lifestyle. Or so Hernandez makes it seem...

Hernandez, who calls himself the least active member of the band, ended up giving us the dirtiest lowdown about his bandmates and closest friends. On why he's the least active member, he says, "That is because Gabe [Miranda, singer/songwriter] is jealous of

my swag. He is a very petty person." Burn.

We'll all assume he's being irreverent, since these guys are going to have to take the stage together on Saturday. Read Hernandez's rant and secrets spilled after the jump.

YOLO Moment Number 1

"One time I bucked a

handle of Chivas Regal from Tequila Ranch because they wouldn't let me

in, because my friends and I were dressed like shit." Hernandez begins. "I had to sneak in

the back door and go upstairs to the small room where they have all of

their liquor." His adventure was a success, but the next time, not so much. 

"A couple of months later, I tried to do it again and was tackled by five Seminole cops. I am currently

banned for life from Tequila Ranch. Both Drew [Dakesian] and Gabe were

there the first night that I stole the big-ass bottle of scotch. But it

was Drew who helped me finish the damn thing before sunrise."

Hater Moment Number 1

"Drew's the one who been playing tambourine lately. Some have said that this is a role regularly reserved for women. He's

come up with most of the graphics for the band (fliers, logos, etc.) and

directed our first music video. The one he hasn't finished," Hernandez says contemptuously.

Music Moment

YOLO Moment Number 2

"Greg [Alvarez]

has been playing bass for us recently. He and his brother Eddie are

the Jellyfish Brothers." He says of the men who are also behind the online musical doc series Audio Junkie: "The J-Bros are a fun band, and we've all been

kickin' it for about a minute."

Hernandez then tattles, "One time, Eddie stole a cane

from an old man who was waiting in line at CVS for his medication. When

I asked him why he did it, he told me that it's because it 'looked really nice and authentic, like an old Dominican-man's cane.' I

have seen the cane and agree that it does look really nice."

Hater Moment Number 2

"Last and least

is Gabe," he says of his old friend. "Out of all the people mentioned in this article, Gabe is by

far the most immature and insufferable, and that says a lot. He wrote

the songs, so good for him."

Hear Gabe's songs with the Gun Hoes playing with Lil Daggers, Jacuzzi Boys, and Radio-Active Records DJs at 10 p.m. Saturday, June 16, at Green Room, 109 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale.

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