Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, and Authority Zero Sold Out Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale

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Authority Zero, no small time opener and worthy of more attention than it gets, hit the stage promptly at 7:30 to an already pretty full Revolution. Alternating their faster punk songs with ska-leaning ones, AZ got the crowd solidly ready for the double-headliner ahead.

Seeing Reel Big Fish has always been like watching an onstage party, and not just because you'd know from their clothes indicate good times. All members appear as if they are having the most fun in the club, regardless of what the rabidly fired up crowd is doing.

From the opening notes of "Everyone Else Is An Asshole," RBF sent Revolution into a frenzy as it ran through a list of classics. Trumpet player Johnny Christmas declared the crowd "spectacular."

With no actual females in the band, trombone player Slaxel Rose picked up the female vocal duties for "I Know You Too Well to Like You Any More" and "She Has a Girlfriend Now."

If I couldn't see that it was a big, bearded dude singing three feet from me, the voice might as has well have been coming from a woman. And given that the crowd picked up those lines pretty well, he was almost unnecessary. It was at this time that we witnessed the frightening site of every male in the crowd shouting in unison the line: "I'll even cut my penis off for you!" Lead singer Aaron Barrett looked satisfied by it.

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