Let the Good Times Bowl

When it comes down to choosing the king of all lazy-man sports, a Fresno ska band once said it best in its namesake — Let's Go Bowling. Indeed, nothing says rock 'n' roll like chucking a heavy ball down a runway with the express purpose of knocking crap over, all the while chugging beer after sudsy beer. It's in this spirit that Holiday Bowling Center hosts its weekly Indie Rock Bowling, melding good ol' rock music with the late-night bowling craze.

The Hallandale Beach alley has been recently renovated, adding a righteous sound system and massive screens that dangle in front of the lanes, pumping out DVD-quality indie videos while mop-haired rockers bowl into the wee of night. The playlist is made up of mainstays like Hot Hot Heat, Bloc Party, and Bowie, with flourishes of lesser-known (but equally happening) bands like the Futureheads and VHS or Beta to please more finicky palettes. If good tunes aren't enough to whet your whistle, beer specials flow from the full liquor bar in back. The purveyors also plan to host live bands at the barside stage and broadcast the show above the lanes. Just think, if Keith Moon had burned off a little rage with a game of tenpins, the Who might have saved on a few hotel bills in the process.

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John Linn