Lil' Wayne and Trick Daddy King of Diamonds Beef Update (PHOTOS)

Did Miami Heat-hater Lil' Wayne and the 305 Mayor Trick Daddy get into a cigarette-flickin' brawl  at King of Diamonds on Tuesday night? 

Miami New Times' Crossfade reported that while an anonymous source close to Trick said he sent Wayne "packing like a little bitch," Disco Rick of KOD announced that "Lil Wayne is KOD" and that the fight rumors are all bullshit.  

TMZ is clarifying the sitch, reporting that things did definitely got -- what they sometimes tend to get at the strip club -- ugly. 

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The story is

Weezy got a bad feeling from Trick's crew and decided to dip. At that point, someone from Trick's camp flicked a cigarette butt into Wayne's nest of dreads. 

We'll always side with our favorite Miami thug over Lil Tunechi, but that's kind of a pussy move. Like something one bitchy, wasted white girl does to another at a passive-aggressive Las Olas cat fight. It's merely a half step above throwing a drink on someone and pretending it was an accident. It's never an accident. 

Security broke things up before anything even happened, and Trick wasn't anywhere around at the time of the attempted torching. 

The club known for its ridiculously limber and acrobatic ladies in various stages of undress stated, and TMZ reported, "It's sad they had to revisit a situation that was Internet beef... while surrounded by naked girls."

Either way, they, and all their cash, are both still welcome at the KOD. 

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