Lil Wayne Apologizes to Miami and LeBron, But No "Sorry" for Saying He Boned Bosh's Wife (AUDIO)

As you already know, Lil Wayne made some seriously powerful enemies in South Florida this week by flapping his big weird grill at Birdman's b-day. Out of his maw poured those awful words: "fuck the Miami Heat." And let us tell you, our memory is long down here, and we are mad.

The worst part was that Weezy proclaimed that he fucked Chris Bosh's wife. Chris Bosh! The guy who wept after the Miami Heat lost the finals to the Mavericks! Not only were we like actually offended, but our very own Pepe Billete gave Wayne an earful (or eyeful?) in his incredible blog today on the subject. Besides, he lied about getting banned from games by the NBA. That's just strange.

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Just minutes ago, Wayne called WEDR 99 Jamz, and told our favorite (and only) hip-hop and R&B station that he alone regrets saying "Fuck LeBron" cause they're homies and he gets along well with James' mom. Also, though you don't hear it here, TMZ is reporting that he apologized to the City of Miami.

Yeah, well, apology not accepted. You're a bully and a liar, Weezy, and Miami don't like it. Tell Chris Bosh you're sorry, and we'll consider following LilTunechi again on Twitter.

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