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Lil Wayne Banned From NBA Games, Blames the Miami Heat; How About Blaming Weezy? (VIDEO)

Recently, Lil Wayne got either kicked out of, or asked to leave a Heat-Lakers game, for likely gesturing that he had a gun on him in a threatening gesture toward another fan. This type of bad behavior will also get you arrested on an airplane, locked out of a movie theater, and not allowed into a daycare center.

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Last night at Birdman's birthday party, Weezy took his anti-Heat rage over this incident to the next level with crazed rants. He had the crowd chanting, "Fuck the Miami Heat" and claimed he boned Chris Bosh's lady. Also, he's now saying that the Miami Heat got him banned from all NBA games.

This is all not a very cute look for Tunechi.

The play-by-play of Wayne's verbal diarrhea hit the web thanks to two tweeting partygoers, hip-hop historian Shaheem Reid, who documented the affair:

And "tastemaker" Karen Civil who further recorded the ridiculous babbling:

Anyone else think Birdman's going a little too far there with the "they can die tonight?"

First of all, Birdman just bought Scott Storch's former Miami mansion. So he's essentially a local. And second of all: seriously?

How can Weezy really say he's the "new pac?" Is he starting the new East Coast, West Coast rap war against the NBA by saying he shtupped Bosh's wife? Come on now. These guys just sound insane.

Weezy, we ask you to take a look at what you're doing at these games to get yourself in trouble. First of all, if you did stick it in Bosh's gal, that seems a foolish action for a basketball fan. And threatening to shoot others in the crowd seems like something a truly insane person does, especially with the state of shooting affairs in the US these days. Get it together.

We love your songs, Weezy, but we've got Chris Bosh's back every time over yours.

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