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Lil Wayne Confirms Formation of "Supergroup" with T-Pain

VH1 reported yesterday that Lil Wayne finally confirmed the rumors floating around that he’s forming a “supergroup” with T-Pain. In typical Weezy, uh, succinct fashion, he confirmed it thusly: “Yeah.” (T-Pain, however, was a little more talkative on the matter.)

Still, that’s just two people; technically it would take at least one more person to make a supergroup instead of just a superduo. Wonder who the other member(s) would be?

Wayne also “announced” the June 27 beginning of his tour in support of Tha Carter III. Um, no kidding – his booking on the June 28 stop of Summer Fest here at the BankAtlantic Center has already been listed on Ticketmaster for a while. And if you haven’t checked out the album yet, looks like you’re in a serious minority – it’s Soundscanned over a million copies sold in its first week of release. (For some perspective, the last album to sell over a mill in its first week came out in 2005; it was 50 Cent’s The Massacre).

On a related tangent, will someone weigh in on what it’s like to see T-Pain “live”? I saw him pop out for a minute during the Miami opening date of the Jay Z/Mary J. Blige Heart of the City tour – but that was just for a hot second, and, uh, he was kind of eclipsed by the bigger star onstage. What does he do? How much of it is actually live? Thinking about this makes me want to go for some butternut reduction…. – Arielle Castillo

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Arielle Castillo
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