Lil Wayne Says Goodbye to Twitter Almost As Quickly As He Said "Wudup"

It was sure fun while it lasted.
​After only 18 tweets, and what must be an inordinate amount of Internet heckling, Lil Wayne has decided to close his freshly augmented trap. After expressing yesterday that Weezy's introspective side was helping me settle in at New Times Broward-Palm Beach, I will now have to resort to following Justin Bieber's stream of freneticisms on Twitter.

In honor of Lil Wayne's departure, his top five tweets -- or 28 percent of his overall output -- follow after the jump:

5. His gates-busting intro tweet makes optimal use of the "¢" key.

​4. Even if it rarely comes up in song, Lil Wayne loves talking about love almost as much as Celine Dion.

​3. This is a Möbius strip of Weezy logic. Follow at your own risk.

​2. This one will eventually end up as the chorus to a Gym Class Heroes song.

​1. Let's get this printed on the back of the "Free Lil Wayne" T-shirts, stat. We'll miss you, Weezy Baby.


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