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Lil Wayne's Jimi Hendrix Vibe Cover and Ten Stars He Should Emulate Next

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Lil Wayne, the hottest of the Hot Boys, dressed up as fire worshiper/guitar rock god Jimi Hendrix for the latest issue of Vibe. Everyone's known for a while the Tunechi is a multitasking, multimillionaire superstar. In between guesting on everybody's hit single, he's done rock 'n' roll, he's unleashed a line of blunt wraps, and he's released his newest album, Tha Carter IV.

Weezy's face is a work of pop-culture art. Besides the tattoos and behind the dreads, there's a roadworn face that's full of joy, sorrow, and slickness. To borrow from Carter's lyrical canon, his face is beyond beauty. Now that he's tackled Jimi, we'd like to see him emulate some classic celebrity magazine covers.

Here are ten expert Photoshop jobs anticipating the many other costume choices he could try in the future.

10. Red Hot Chili Peppers

Just imagine how much more funky Blood Sugar Sex Magik would've been with Lil Wayne for-real rapping instead of Anthony Keidis trying to rapping.

9. Jim Carrey

As a current resident of South Florida, Weezy does the beach, we're sure. Even though he ain't puffing any more, he is much more smoking than Jim Carrey ever was, cuz.

8. Ray Charles

Ray Charles was the OG, Original Genius, and Lil Wayne is a true G.

7. AC/DC

Can't you just hear Wayne singing "Dirty Deeds"? We're pretty sure he wouldn't do them for dirt cheap, though. You gotta put some serious money down or it's gotta be pro bono. He is on probation, after all.

6. Janet Jackson

Lil Wayne is probably not down with dressing like a lady. It's a shame. Look at that body!

5. Michael Jackson

Both of these superstars broke free from the childhood group to find massive solo success. Young Michael Jackson was a little more wholesome than Lil Wayne. But older Jackson was a few trips to the hyperbaric chamber stranger than Mr. Carter will ever be. We think.

4. Little RIchard

Lil Wayne could tear it up behind a piano. We don't know if he knows how to play one, but we feel like he can bang out the jams.

3. Mötley Crüe

This one would be fitting. We'd like to see pre-sobriety Nikki Sixx versus pre-clean Lil Wayne in a chemical ingesting competition. Nah, we don't need to see that. We're happy to know that these two party animals are doing well.

2. Axl Rose

Weezy as Axl Rose would probably upset Axl. He'd call it an insult, sue Wayne for defamation of character. But we'd all know Axl secretly jocks Weezy's style.

1. Marilyn Manson

If you've ever wondered, "Can Marilyn Manson be any creepier?" The answer is, "Yes, if Lil Wayne were him."!>

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.