Limited Fanfare Records' Charity Auction Benefits Music Saves Lives


Brian Kurtz is a busy guy. He has a day job; he runs his own local record label, Limited Fanfare; he sends really awesome care packages; and he's setting up an online auction to provide funds for 

Music Saves Lives

. The organization educates people on blood disorders and the importance of donating marrow and blood. It works with the entertainment community to raise awareness and lets fans give in a way that is easy and musically rewarding.

"I chose to work with Music Saves Lives because of their

passion for using music as a catalyst to get people involved -- either

donating blood to save lives or just to make people aware of the impact

that they can have as an individual," Kurtz says. "Plus they give really great

benefits to people for doing so." This includes stuff like Free Warped Tour tickets. 

The Limited Fanfare Music Saves Lives Charity Auction eBay site won't go live until June 19 -- it lasts through June 25 -- but you can start plotting your wins here. Get ready to dig your claws into rare and signed items from an impressive list of bands that include Mastodon, Sleigh Bells, Black Lips, Dinosaur Jr.,

Battles, MonstrO + William DuVall of Alice in Chains, Ladytron, Obituary,

and Sebadoh.

Some of the artists are represented by Limited Fanfare Records, like MonstrO (which features former Torche guitarist and Miami guy Juan Montoya), Miami stoner rockers Lil Daggers, Nashville's the Ettes, and Paper, a project of Dashboard Confessional's Mike Marsh. 

To get an idea of Limited Fanfare's vision for the future of music, there's a free 11-song sampler on its site that Kurtz says "is a glimpse into the label's first year -- MonstrO, the Ettes, Lil Daggers -- and what's ahead in the next few months -- Zebra Tracks, Paper, Stallone, Sunday Driver."

He continues, "The songs on the sampler are either title tracks to the 45s that I've put out, like 'Anchors Up!' and 'Teeth,' or some of my favorite album tracks, like 'Past Due' and 'Bicycles.' It's a broad collection of what Limited Fanfare really has to offer. Which is pretty much everything." 

Dowload the sampler here. Others involved in the charity auction include Grand Central, Crush Music Management, the RSE Group, Clifton Motel Records, Revolution Live/Green Room, and the respective artists. 

All proceeds go toward the Music Saves Lives. 

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