Lindsay Lohan Arrested for Brawling! Did Justin Bieber Convince Her to Smack-a-Bitch?

Did ya hear about Lindsay Lohan sticking some trick from West Palm Beach in the face at a swanky New York City nightclub?

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No joke. La Lohan flew like a rabid flying squirrel and stung like a fucking scorpion when her demands for the alleged victim to give the drama-addicted celebutante some space were ignored. 

Now, we expect this kind of shit from LiLo. Girl has been straight trippin' since, like, The Parent Trap

So the initial news that the already-on-probation Lindsay had somehow added more heat to her already rolling boil legal situation barely motivates us to click ahead after the jump to read more. 

But the plot thickens (or does it sicken?!?) when you factor in the influence of the one and only Justin "Bad 2 Da Bone" Bieber.

The end of 2012 has been rough for both Lohan and Ze Bieb, with the former embroiled in perpetual legal trouble and the latter puking on stage, ending his relationship with Selena Gomez, and getting stalked by the papparazzi when trying to have secret break-up sex, which, BTW, is never a good idea.

TMZ reports that Lindsay was raging at Justin Bieber's concert at Madison Square Garden before heading to the club where the altercation took place.

We have yet to receive confirmation (or, really, any indication whatsoever that the following supposition could, in any fathomable capacity, be true) from our sources, but something (the "will to blog") tells us that Michael Lohan's oldest daughter didn't go straight to da club following Biebz's MSG show.

Oh, no. Our capacity to daydream paired with a lust for content (bills don't pay themselves) makes us wonder if Lindsay stopped backstage to commiserate with a famous peer also going through a hard time. And (we bet) their mutually amplifying rage led to Justin screaming like Adrian did at Rocky, pumping Lindsay up to slay the next bitch who crossed her.

Which is exactly what she did.

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