Liset Alea at Great Taste of the Grove, This Sunday

​Does anyone else hear the words "Coconut Grove" and "festival" in the same sentence and automatically think DTB (day time boozing)? There's nothing wrong with that, and the reaction is well founded. After all, who hasn't enjoyed an icy cerveza while chilling beneath the warm glowing sun, with the sweet sea breeze rolling in through the lush trees of the Grove during Arts Fest, Bed Races, King Mango Strut, etc?

But this weekend's Great Taste of the Grove is a little different. It's a festival for savoring some of the great culinary delights our fine city has to offer. An event where you can sample tantalizing tidbits from some of your favorite restaurants around town, and perhaps discover some new ones. And of course, the ubiquitous beer stands will still be on hand, you old booze hound, you.

As an added draw, there will be plenty of live entertainment, including closing performance Sunday by the lovely and multi-talented Liset Alea.The Cuban-born songstress blends influences she's picked up along her many travels across Europe and South America to create some pretty sweet indie pop. You'll definitely want to check her out. More info here.

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Christopher Lopez