Listen to Millionyoung's New Record Live Today

It's been a while since we've heard any news from Coral Springs computer music whiz Millionyoung (a.k.a. Mike Diaz) Turns out the young musician has been busy, locked up in the studio working on his next release. His new full-length album will be titled Variable, and is coming out February 2 of next year on Rix Records/Old Flame Records

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This new record comes right off last summer's


re-release which included new tracks "Recess," "Albedo," and "Mien (Revisited)" as well. You can get these songs via iTunes



Today Millionyoung will make an appearance on KEXP Radio at 4 p.m., where he will reveal four new tracks from his upcoming album Variable, live. Tune in and show some local love. The in-studio session will stream worldwide at kexp.org and in Seattle on 90.3 FM.

Expect a broader sound than the delicate bedroom pop Millionyoung is known for. The laptop maestro has been expanding his horizons with more pronounced vocals and the use of intricate guitar lines.

His nationwide tour starts today in Seattle as well, where Diaz will be opening up for the Danish band The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.

So as it turns out, Mike Diaz hasn't been in hibernation, dude's been hustling.

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