Little Beard, This Heart Electric, Deaf Poets, and GWIP this Sunday Night

Music is a science. It is like Geometry. It makes us feel really good, or really sad. Music is like Astronomy or gravity or electricity. You know it is there but you just can't see it. It can give you life. It can kill you. I just drank a whole pot of coffee while watching Miami's This Heart Electric video (below) and I am super-amped about Sunday's concert:

Now imagine sitting in a really nice new steakhouse in Coconut Grove watching This Heart Electric live on the stage. Or even better, Little Beard. Have you ever heard this local indie rock band? They are the best band that Miami has seen since FWA. Miami is like the pot of coffee that I just spilled all over myself. It is fucking hot. There is so much amazing music being made down here. Come on dude. Check out the video below of Little Beard playing at some Art Basel thing. You will start texting "OMG" to your BFF's iphone.

Now here is the amazing part: Both of these bands are performing this Sunday night, December 20, at Chicago Steakhouse (3120 Commodore Plaza, Coconut Grove). I like filet mignon and an ice cold glass of beer while watching awesome live rock music. Call 786-200-4540 for more info. The show starts at 8pm. Oh yeah, The Deaf Poets and GWIP are also performing. Yes! Thank you Miami! For Rocking so damn hard!

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