Live: Boom Chick at Laser Wolf, March 23

Boom Chick
Laser Wolf, Fort Lauderdale

March 23, 2011

Better Than: Skipping out on seeing

The Kills for free at a local bar, only to find out a year later you'd

be paying $30 for a ticket.

Maraca in one hand, drumstick in the

other, Boom Chick's Moselle Spiller was armed and ready to give the

anxious Laser Wolf crowd a show. Opening the show

with the electrifying "Black Dress Blues", the rock 'n roll duo set a danceable

tone for the evening.

Initially the crowd gathered at eye-level around the band remained mostly stationary, doing the quintessential head bop, throwing out a few "wahoos" every now and then. But by the third song and after downing more beers, the audience let loose. Ignoring how hot it was indoors, couples were swing dancing, a tipsy fellow attempted to do the twist and even a few of the wallflowers shimmied to the beat.

"We do this shit because people dance," explained Hoier who was impressed by all the lively movement happening in front of him.

"Welcome bitches. This is south Florida, we fucking dance," one of the sweat drenched dance floor regulars yelled back to him.

After performing various tracks off debut album, Show Pony, like the instrumental "Nailgun" and blues heavy "Cryin' Rooster", the duo slowed things down with new song "Anonymous Mouse". However, the band could tell the kids wanted to continue on gyrating with one another, so they sped things back up with a new instrumental track. 

Unfortunately at some point Frank Hoier began to lose his voice resulting in the conclusion of their 90-minute long set, but not before doing a cover of "Please Mr.Postman" by The Marvelettes which left the audience screaming "Encore! Encore!".

"That was your encore!" laughs Hoier in his barely there voice.

"Just play some instrumental tracks," a voice shouted.

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Sadly, the audience didn't get their wish and Boom Chick called it a night. All in all, the duo played a completely flawless set, and certainly left the packed bar wanting more. In case you missed out on last night or you'd just like to see them

again, Boom Chick will be performing on the patio at Respectable Street

in West Palm Beach tonight. 

Critic's Notebook

The Crowd: 20-somethings beers in hand ready to dance and the usual local suspects

Random Detail: A hilarious drunk girl kept high-fiving Moselle.

Personal Bias:
Frank Hoier said I had the best earrings on in the bar. The show should have been outside in the atrium.

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