Live: Glass Candy at Moonfest, October 29

Moonfest, featuring Glass Candy
With Millionyoung, Under Every Green Tree, Brobrah Nation, Sweet Chariots,

Darling Sweets, Dharmata, Luna Rex, Doorway 27, Hard Richards, Band in

Heaven, and Loxahatchee Sinners Union
500 Block of Clematis Street, West Palm Beach
Saturday, October 29, 2011

View a slide show from Moonfest here.

Better Than:
Digging under a car seat for spilled Mike & Ikes.

For some, West Palm Beach's yearly all-out Halloween fest is likely a Fear and Loathing-type experience -- and not just because there were no fewer than a dozen Hunter S. Thompsons mixing in the chaos on Clematis Street. With all the chemical indulgence, the darkness, the smoke, the guy dressed as a (eek!) used maxi pad, and all associated misdeeds coming at a person from all sides, it's either ride the tide or get towed under.

Helping the zombie nurses simultaneously find and lose their balance was electro-pop (or Italo disco, if you prefer) duo Glass Candy. On the street stage, the fest's headliners turned the 500 block of Clematis Street into an intimate show that could be absorbed up-close and from hundreds of feet away (Ultra Music Festival organizers, take note).

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Reed Fischer
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