Live: Snooze Theater Hosts Hump Day Garage Rock 'Splosion, July 21

Vein Cranes

With Snakehole, the Band in Heaven, Dharma Days, and M-Tank 
The Snooze Theater, Lake Park
Wednesday, July 21

Better than: A parallel universe in which the Snooze Theater is actually a Snus depot. 

In the future, children will gather around a video of a campfire projected on the forehead of their cybernetic grandfather and listen to him rant and rave about, yes, "the good old days." He'll tell you he thinks cloning is immoral. That the internet was cooler before it was installed into everyone's brain at birth. And, most important, he'll go on and on about the Snooze Theater in Lake Park, a spot where young adults pay money to see new rock bands and cupcakes rain down like manna from heaven. 

M-Tank, from South Carolina, opened the proceedings with power-poppy-punk-garage rock. Speedy and simple like Screeching Weasel and occasionally anthemic like the late, great Exploding Hearts. 

Dharma Days were up next, and this was our first time seeing central member Dion Kerr backed up by Snooze maestros (see also: Cop City/Chill Pillars, Love Handles) Jordan Pettingill and C.J. Jankow. The Days cooled things off with groove-oriented fuzz-churners that recalled the Velvet Underground at their most straightforward or Yo La Tengo at their heaviest. 

The Band In Heaven kept things heavy on the vibes, with throbbing, relatively polite shoegaze. 

Orlando's Vein Creins played situationally appropriate Reatard rock, but at this point we were a little garage'd out. 

All in all, a fun, casual night of music at the Snooze. 

The crowd: A well-sized Wednesday-night smattering of young adults (not too hip, not too square) that watched all of the bands. 

Overheard: "...And that's how we coined the term 'fecal olympics.'" 

Random detail: The Snooze bathrooms should win a Best of Broward/Palm Beach.

Snakehole's Set List: 

Reincarnate Me
Dick Blood
Sweater Pups
Weird Dudes
I Smell Boys
Dark Phase
Spyder Veins
Rat Jacuzzi  

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Matt Preira