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Live Video: Cop City/Chill Pillars Play "Look Around" in Orlando

After returning to South Florida about four years ago from a less-than-stellar stint in New York City, the guys of Cop City/Chill Pillars  (and Love Handles, and Universal Expansion) have now turned into saviors of the South Florida d.i.y. scene. Of course, a large chunk of their renewed stint at home has been spent playing across the three counties in these three outfits, whose lineups feature a core three-member group but whose size is known to swell from show to show.

But the band's greatest contribution to the scene recently has been its

opening of the Snooze Theatre in Lake Park, which has become a go-to

spot for anyone looking to put on an evening of entertainment outside of

the local club system. So far the Snooze has hosted touring bands and

locals alike, including a recent well-received edition of Ricardo Guerrero's formerly Miami-based annual festival, Death to the Sun.

Now, CCCP is beginning to spread the gospel of the brisk Palm Beach County scene with some out of town shows. This past weekend, the band hit Orlando for a show with other left-field acts from Central Florida, including American Snakeskin, SSLOT, Gem of Skin, and Hungry Gaze.

The venue was Stardust Video & Coffee, a somewhat unlikely boho joint that's cafe and caffeine by day, flexible venue and bar at night.

Our hometown boys got a bunch of their set on video. Below, watch the guys rip through "Look Around" off their full-length album, Held Hostage on Planet Chill, out now on Florida's Dying (a.k.a. the label that helped launch Jacuzzi Boys!). Turn up the volume to frighten your cubicle neighbors.

Cop City / Chill Pillars @ Stardust Coffee from Tiny Waves on Vimeo.

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