Live: Wale at Revolution, December 1


With Meek Mill, Pusha T and Black Cobain

Revolution, Fort Lauderdale

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Better than: A Thursday night in Coconut Grove.

From zero to 60 and in a matter of seconds, the Washington D.C. native Wale got his performance at Revolution started with hard knocking "600 Benz." He kept up the energy center stage to let the audience know of his overall aspirations and "it's something to be great, it's nothing to be famous" with the song "Legendary."

Want to make the ladies dance in the palm of your hand? Pretend you're Wale and perform his latest single, "Lotus Flower Bomb." With his L.A. Dodgers fitted covering his eyes, the rapper had the ladies waving their hands and singing the chorus since singer Miguel did not make an appearance.

The audience continued to follow Wale's cadence as he took them to Beverly Hills with "90210." Wale swayed his hands as a conductor would to his orchestra when the DJ dropped the beat so fans could repeat the zip code as the song came to an end. Not to forget his location, Wale brought fans back to South Florida with "Miami Nights."

New Yorkers wear Adidas and Air Force Ones and Los Angelenos wear Chuck Taylor All-Stars. What about those from D.C.? Though not boots, it shouldn't be surprising to see Wale perform in Nike made LeBron James shoes, a favorite of his, perfect for the song many attribute his success to as he dropped the song symbolic to D.C., "Nike Boots."

Idiots will be idiots when a group of them started a fight halfway through Wale's performance but were quickly escorted out.

After that little blip on the radar, Wale picked his performance back up and brought out opening act and fellow D.C. artist Black Cobain for "Slight Work," taking over Big Sean's spot on the song. Right after, Wale catered to the ladies once again to ask them if they smoke and ask them what do they know with "Pretty Girls." Those ladies feeling pretty clapped as instructed by the song, while the ugly ones kept quiet, though it is doubtful any of them didn't clap.

Critic's Notebook:

The Crowd: A little bit of you and you and you.

Personal Bias: Performing in South Florida and no Rick Ross? Shame on the Bawse.

Wish List: Should've performed "Uptown Roamers" and "The Posse Cut"

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