Livid Records' Fifth Anniversary, Plus New Pool Party Track!

​Chuck Livid believes that the greatest success of his DIY label Livid Records is the bonds it has created between the bands and the label. These are bonds so intense that he thinks of all 16 of them as, in his words, his own "flesh and blood." 
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On this, Livid's five-year anniversary year, it seems like they like him pretty all right too. 

Pool Party's Creep Guirdo's said, totally seriously, "Livid Records is like a kennel for abandoned baby rock stars; they nourish us with proteins, cash advances, and keep us free from disease so one day people will take us home." Guirdo assessed, "But most important of all is they give underground artists a shot at fame. And the rabies shot, that shot is good too."

When asked what his favorite thing about Pool Party was, Livid said, "Other than being the best punk band since the Ramones? Yeah, can't think of anything other than that." Flesh and blood, guys. 

This Saturday, Livid Records is celebrating its fifth birthday and Chuck's 30th year on this planet with a blowout at Fort Lauderdale's Green Room. "We should be charging $100 per person, but because we love you, we're doing it for free!" Livid said. WeMerge Magazine is curating the art portion of the party, featuring 14 illustrators and artists, including live art by Nina Efkarpides.

Livid was raised a Miami boy, though the label is based out of Boca. Thus, this is a tricounty affair. Livid said of the party, "It's going to be like steamy, sweaty-stank sex. Have you seen the bands playing this shit?!" You probably have: Pool Party, Furious Dudes, the Riot Act, Bulletproof Tiger, and To Be Hated will be pounding it out for party's sake.   

Livid started the label to put out music by his own band. He created his own zine, Muddy Chaos, in the late '90s and played in the Slops and the Shrubs and briefly sang for the Fundamentals. Next up, Livid is putting out two seven-inch records by Bulletproof Tiger and San Diego death-thrash band Death Crisis by Christmas. Livid says they will both be "fucking brutal and epic." 

Pool Party generously shared a downloadable live version of "Teenage Weirdo" with y'all here. Love it, and use it to get yourself in the mood for tomorrow.

The Livid Records'  Fifth-Anniversary Party. With Pool Party, Furious Dudes, the Riot Act, Bulletproof Tiger, and To Be Hated. 8:30 p.m. Saturday, October 22, at the Green Room, 100 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Click here.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.