Llamabeats' Spits Talks Setai, Timbaland, Lil Jon, Distant Relatives

Lurking in the trenches of obscurity, tomorrow's super producers toil in darkened studios surrounded by empty malt liquor bottles and ashtrays full of blunt roaches.

Or maybe they're up and grinding at The Setai. Either way, Llamabeats Crew bring a sample heavy musicality to live guitar, bass, and key laced tracks with an emphasis on breaks, and a heart full of Miami bass.

Crossfade caught up with the burgeoning production team's vocalist, Spits, by phone and found out about the Setai Studios, puffing in the car, and working with Timbaland and Chris Cornell.

Here's what Spits had to say...

"At the Setai Studios, my first session, I was thrown in the fucking firepit, it was Timbaland with Chris Cornell. I had joined the intern sqaud two months before they opened up the studio. The session was a month long. Other than that, I was in there with Lil Jon, the coolest mother fucker ever, the nicest dude ever, and his whole squad too. Damien Marley and Nas, Im speechless on that, I was blessed to be in the studio for that. It was fuckin' ridiculous. Everything form songrwiters, vocalists, beat producers, I really got the whole grasp on how to do things. I thank God straight up for being able to be in the studio and being the fly on the wall so to speak. The room is filled with toys...tons of gear. That was fun, that was a fun ass fucking era. We recorded a bunch of tracks there. I was keeping the studio clean everyday, so after 5 when the bosses left of course I was recording

May 22nd we're playing at Kill Your Idol on South Beach. It's just us I think, we're gonna be doin' like a little half hour 45 minute set. It's gonna be crazy."

The group is me, Spits, Master Fader, and The What's Good.


known Master Fader forever. I mean the two of us kind of grew up

together doing like acoustic guitar jamming and getting fucked up all

the time and playing guitar. In college I went to school for

engineering and shit. Over there i learned to make beats just like

everybody else. I also got together with a lot of hip hop heads and

used sequencers and mpcs. Master Fader lived in LA for like 3 years and

then when I got out of college I was interning at the Setai Studios and

he was working there as an intern too. I heard his beats and they were

fucking ridiculous and that's pretty much that.

We all love

fuckin breaks too. We're all into the early 90's mid 90's  boom-bap

break beat kind of shit, sometimes just samples. The Whats Good is the

biggest sample head out of all of us. That guy is a sample chop genius.

We use guitars, bass, i play bass, whatever sounds have something cool,

and then we fuckin mix the Miami bass into it, the 808s and what not,

but every track is different really.

We've been together like 2

and a half years. We do a lot of writing and producing, that's the way

we're gonna make the most of our bread and butter. Everybody in the

industry says that's where the loot is.

We write everywhere,

sometimes just puffing in the car. We rep Miami, it's home, and for our

people, the crew, the Llama Crew, the LBC.

We've worked with

Parable, The Benchwarmers Clique here in Mimai, Illustrate from Ghetto

Youths Nation, one of Damien Marley's produced artists. Red October

from San Antonio, Artofficial.

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Jacob Katel