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Local Drummer Needs Surgery, The Shin Dig Calls on Neighbors for Help

The law of karma demands that one not be motivated by the result of good deeds, rather that they just be good for the sake of goodness. Doing good things for others matters most in times of trial and illness. 

Things aren't easy these days for anyone who owes money to anyone for anything, or for those looking for work. And while finding work and fending off debt are part of life's daily struggle for most. Worse than that is trying to make ends meet while every bone in your body aches uncontrollably. 

That's what's happening for local musician Steve-O of the band the Shin Dig. His whole life, he's suffered from multiple degenerative and arthritic joint disorders that prevent him from fully extending his arms and legs comfortably, or even just rolling out of bed with ease -- things so easily taken for granted.

Mostly, it's prevented him from doing what he loves: rocking out on the drums. 

Some things have fallen into place for the local musician. His father has been able to insure Steve-O under his health insurance until the age of 26, which for Steve-O is literally two months away. His doctors hope to start surgeries almost immediately in order to take advantage of the time and make the most of it. 

It's easy to be a skeptic in a society like ours. So many people take without giving. It's easy to walk around minding your own business, shrugging off another's problems claiming that there's nothing you can do. 

If you've got a dollar to spare and a minute to spread this message, we think you should go for it. Pitch in a dollar, and see how far it goes. Pitch in five if you can. 

After all, our economy's wilted and stunted state is based on the simple underestimation of a single dollar bill, and a lot of blind skepticism. 

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C. Townsend Rizzo