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Coffee House Gypsies is a pop-rock-tinged acoustic folksy coffeehouse band. Boasting a live set with covers to cover the ages, they also craft original compositions that fall into that Joan Baez/Jewel kind of feel. I like bookstores for books, and bars for drinking, but for the set that often enjoys an evening in the Books & Books courtyard, this band is for you. Fans of Fleetwood Mac, the Mamas and the Papas, and 97.3 FM should dig this group without question. Their harmonies, both vocal and instrumental, are soothing and give a generally upbeat feel to the 13-track album.This young Trinidadian musician has bounced around the world before settling in South Florida and beginning to chisel at the local music scene. The single here is a little taste of an album that is set to drop sometime next year. Opening with "Don't Tear Us Apart" and closing with an ambitious and well-performed cover of "Saving My Love for You," Greene leaves the youth at the door and displays some serious notions of how this game works. His vocal work is silky and of the panty-wetting variety. Anum Greene is a lover, and as such, leaves you wanting more.I was a little eager to review this disc, because the words glam and goth adorned the press release, and the band logo looked like some serious death metal was about to happen. Well, this ain't no Christian Death/New York Dolls hybrid. It's not really metal either, though there are trace elements of the aforementioned genres within its fabric. This is more straightforward heavy rock and roll than anything I've heard in a while, fitting well with the alternative and hard-rock camps. I really dug the cover of the Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil." Kinda fitting.
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Abel Folgar

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