Local Motion: Drink Me by Flees, Album Release Party Saturday, July 31 at Monterey Club

Drink Me

It's hard to think of another local band that packs the punch that hardcore punk outfit Flees does. From the opening bass line in "You Can't Break Me" (the first track on the band's debut Drink Me) to frontwoman Elyse Perez's grrrly growl to the thrashy chords that dominate the album, Flees' Drink Me pulsates with the type of unrelenting energy that helps you remember why you liked punk in the first place.

They don't play the kind of hardcore that makes you feel like your brain might explode. But it's still fast and aggressive and exhilarating. Basically, Flees delivers first-rate thrash. When Perez, who New Times voted best female rock vocalist of 2010, tells us "Drink me," we respond, "Gladly." When she says, "Just fuck off and go away," we meekly resign ourselves. Her flirty satirical tone, and vocal dynamism often conjures up Jello Biafra, if not as indecipherable, Donita Sparks, and Exene Cervanka, just grittier and less uplifting. In this era of uncontroversial market-tested punk, Flees' debut provides the raw, direct spirit that, as Perez puts it, will "tear your world apart."

Lately, the band has been performing throughout South Florida at various venues like O'Malley's and the Bubble, and will hold an album release party July 31 at Monterey Club. However, in August they'll tear through Colombia, where Perez enjoys a surprisingly large fanbase. Drink Me is available for $5 on the band's MySpace. Between Enemies and Enough! will open at Monterey Club.

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Erica K. Landau