Local Motion: Hollow Leg -- The Hive Demos 2010

Hollow Leg
The Hive Demos 2010

The wonderful gals and dude from Shroud Eater introduced me to this outfit earlier this summer during a raucous, metal-tinged evening at Churchill's Pub in Miami. Talk about being on point! These Jacksonville badasses tear up the jams with such gusto and conviction that I almost feel a little cheated here over this demo disc being only three tracks long.

But don't be fooled. While Lightning Bolt might have the hipsters going all gaga over their raging dwindling ages and respective relevancies, the boys in Hollow Leg, a two-piece act that was reared in Boston's majestic punk and hardcore scene, leave the hipsters miles behind.

Talk about balls. Although there is an inherent quality of Anal Cunt, SSD, and maybe even the poppier elements of Gang Green here, there's also something akin to a disease that the boys picked up here in Florida. Something that recalls the wondrous Power-Violence moments this state enjoyed in the mid- to late '90s, something along the veins of Palatka, Ansojuan, and No Comply. Something so thick and dirty that it could come only from the swampiest state in the Union.

Imagine if you will, that these three tracks come within the 17-minute mark, and at no point do they get bogged down in cliché or overactive imaginations; these are honest-to-God thrashers that are spiritually linked to some of the better stoner acts like Orange Goblin, Electric Wizard, Bongzilla, and our very own, and very dear, Cavity.

Brent does the guitar work while Tim rages with solid rhythm on the skins whilst they share vocal duties. "Spit in the Fire" opens it up with great riffs and cymbal-heavy tempo. "Shattered" brings on a little gloomier version of chaos before closing it up with the long and joyously abysmal echoes of "The Return."

There's talk of full-length being recorded, and I for one cannot wait for the doom this duo will surely bring. Whether they're from Boston or Florida, we're gonna go ahead and call these boys our own!

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